Monday, April 22, 2013

What is favorable about street life?

Working with homeless children can be a monumental challenge. The day to day struggles that exist for survival and the bleak reality for many of these children can be draining. In society, we are so trained to identify and reward successes in our lives. According to Webster’s, success is defined as“a favorable or desired outcome.” What is favorable about street life?
We learned early on when working with the children in La Paz, that we must change our definition of success. For many US families, sending their children to college, or starting a successful career can be success. Success for Kaya’s children may be living a life without chemical dependency. Perhaps, success is going one day without cutting on one’s arms as a coping strategy. There are successes happening every day in Bolivia. Miracles.

Thank you for assisting Kaya to help these children define success in their own life.


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