Saturday, April 6, 2013

The One Thing Money Can't Buy...

Children who have lived on the streets have so many needs. The basic need for food and shelter is obvious. Medical care and education are critically needed, and so vitally important too. But to feel that they are loved, that someone out there really cares about them, is far more important to the children than anything else. Which is why we at Kaya are so grateful for all of our volunteers who make the trip to Bolivia to work face-to-face with the children, taking the time to get to know each of them as unique and wonderful individuals. There is no amount of money that can buy what the children receive from caring volunteers who give the kids what they need most of all...  LOVE!

Kaya volunteers hail from all over the globe, bringing different talents, languages, experiences and skills. Whether its playing futbol or guitar, the children truly crave quality time with caring adults. Our latest group of volunteers from Germany have truly enjoyed working with the children, and a new volunteer just arrived last month from Belgium! Since she is a psychologist, she is helping to evaluate children when they first arrive. A US volunteer, Katie Harris, is working alongside them. One of Katie's jobs at the house is to help plan the boys' birthday celebrations.

Each year, Kaya Children International runs a Vision trip in June, which departs from US soil to La Paz. So, perhaps you -- or someone you know -- might be interested in answering the call to come and work with the children of Kaya. Volunteering for such an endeavor is not just transformational for the children, but also for the volunteer. Leaving behind your comfortable world in favor of one where you will encounter poverty and loss, is not an easy thing to do. But the children whose lives you impact will return the favor with a smile, a hug, or some little phrase that will become etched forever in your mind. And if you long for the real meaning in life, many say it is found in such priceless moments.

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