Saturday, April 6, 2013

Four New little Faces at the Kaya Center

Little Jorge is just 7 years old and already facing an uphill battle. His father recently walked out on the family, leaving Jorge's mother to care for 6 children on her own. Already more than one year behind on rent, it is doubtful his mother will ever catch up earning less than $3 per day washing clothes. Jorge's sister had to be placed in a state run orphanage. Jorge and his older brother Juan, who is 12, were referred to Kaya by the public defenders office.

Nicol is not much older. She's only 8 years old. Two of her brothers are currently in the residential program at Kaya and the family is in financial turmoil. Her father, who is unemployed, has separated from her mother and has sent Nicol and the other children out to earn money for the family. Even more concerning is that there are indications that Nicol may have been abused. While this is under investigation, she was referred to the Kaya Center. 

Luz Maribel is growing up and is now 11 years old.  She was placed in the Kaya Center by her mother who is single,, unemployed and pregnant. Luz Maribel's mother hopes to return to work as a domestic worker soon so that she may provide for her new baby and 11 year old daughter. 

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