Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Warmi Kaya" Helps Mom in Need
When Miriam came to Kaya she and her five children were living in just one room with no running water. She enrolled in the Warmi (means "woman") program and eventually was able to obtain stable work operating a stand where she sells candy, chips, drinks and other items. Miriam worked hard; she successfully graduated from the program while two of her sons attended the Kaya Center.
But recently, Miriam turned to Kaya for help once again. Her three-year-old son, Marco, fell and broke his arm. He needed an operation, but since Marco was suffering from a chest cold, the doctors were not able to operate right away. They told Miriam that Marco would need to remain in the hospital until he was well enough for surgery. Miriam faced a difficult challenge. With her little boy in the hospital, she would be unable sell at her stand. And, when Miriam cannot sell, she cannot earn the money she needs to buy food for her children...
Fortunately, Kaya was able to help! Kaya staff and volunteers took turns staying with Marco in the hospital while Miriam went to sell at her stand. Kaya also provide much-needed additional food for Miriam and her kids. In the end, Marco's operation was a success and he has since recovered. With the help of Kaya, Miriam did not have to make the same terrible choices that many Bolivian mothers have to make... between being there for their children in the hospital and losing the income they depend on in order to feed their children.
Every day, with God's guidance and the help of our friends and donors, Warmi Kaya makes a difference in the lives of mothers in La Paz, helping them find a way to provide for their children and protect them from life on the streets.

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