Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chorrellana Recipe

Courtesy of Kaya house parent Griselda and the boys of the Renacer house. Written by Katherine Chiu, a volunteer with Kaya in Bolivia.

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Chorrellana, a traditional Bolivian recipe, is a simple and versatile dish. Kaya house parent Griselda has been teaching the boys of the Renacer house how to cook, and she is proud to name this among the several recipes the boys have perfected. They also use it as a base recipe for other Bolivian dishes. It is usually served with rice, but you can also try it over a fried egg or amplify the dish as chicken or beef a la chorrellana!

Serves 4-6 hungry boys

4 medium onions
2 medium tomatoes
2 T Canola oil
Salt, pepper and oregano to taste

Dice onions and tomatoes; set tomatoes aside. In a large saucepan, heat oil. Add onions and just enough water to cover the onions. When onions turn clear and become soft, stir in tomatoes and add salt, pepper and oregano to taste. Heat through and serve over rice.

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