Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Far Does Your Money Go?

Why do you give to Kaya Children International? Whatever your reason, we are so grateful for your generosity! Your support means that we will be able to continue to provide long-term, quality care for our children. Some of you may be wondering what it costs for Kaya to provide the services that it does and how far your money goes. We have said earlier that $500 will pay a teacher's salary for a month; $1000 will pay a house parent's salary for 2 months; and $5000 will cover the annual school fees for 40 children. Here are some other numbers to get you thinking:
  • $25 provides meals and snacks for 1 child at the Kaya Center for a month.
  • $50 covers basic health care for 25 kids for a month.
  • $100 covers special activities and field trips for all kids in the Kaya Center for a month.
  • $150 provides clinical services to a child for a year (ex. counseling, case management, crisis support, family support and counseling, assessment, etc.).
  • $375 pays one psychologist working with 30 kids for a month.
Beyond the numbers, your support means that the children in Kaya are able to spend their days in a safe environment, where they are loved, where they are able to dream big, and where they are able to just be kids.

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