Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Kaya Family

Written by Rafael Torrez Montaño, one of the boys at Kaya Children. Translated by Stephanie Kuei, Communications Officer with Kaya Children.

I would like to tell you something that happened to me, but first let me say that I am very happy here. I have learned many things and have had many experiences which have taught me a lot. One opportunity is being able to go to school where I can learn to read and write. I also have many friends at Kaya Children, so it is very fun even though we also have to do chores. I am twelve years old and enjoy playing basketball.

My Life at Kaya

It is a joy to be at Kaya Children because I don’t lack anything. I have food, clothes, a house to live in, a bed to sleep on, and many friends. I like the daily devotionals we do every morning because I learn new things everyday that are important for my life. These days, we pray a lot for the people affected by the landslides in La Paz and those who were affected by the earthquake in Japan.

After devotionals, we head over to school in our minibus. On Mondays, we salute the flag, pray, sing the national anthem, and march to our classrooms. I love recess at Kaya Children because I can play on the patio.

I get along well with my teachers, tutors, and mentors at the Kaya Center, and they have taught me many things, such as being respectful to other people, especially those who love me. My best friend is Juan Manuel. Together, we do all sorts of things, like homework, chores, and fun activities.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor, but a Christian doctor because of my beliefs and all the Christian values I have gained from going to church. I know that to become a good doctor, I will need to study hard. I am doing well in school, and my teachers constantly encourage me.

I want to continue to learn more about God because He fills me with His grace and protects me. I love everyone who works at and supports Kaya Children with all my heart because I am so grateful for the opportunities you give me. I hope that God always blesses you.

With love,

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