Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31 Days 31 Faces: Omar

Written by Eunice Lim, a volunteer who worked with Kaya Children down in Bolivia two years ago.

Omar’s first day at Kaya’s school was also my first day volunteering in Bolivia at Kaya, but I didn’t know that then. All I knew was that there was this little 8 year old boy who had the most adorable little face but also worked up a storm, never listening to his teachers and calling me “China” (Chinese girl) no matter how many times he got scolded for it.

“Me llamo Eunice, y soy koreana!”

(My name is Eunice, and I’m Korean!)


(Chinese girl!)

Sigh. Would he EVER learn?

Only a week later, I was in love with him, writing in my journal:

“omar. oh, omar!! the newest addition to kaya, he’s only been around for a week, like me. the youngest boy of only 8 years old. he. is. SO. cute. TOO CUTE. for some reason his little face is always so dry, i’ve gotten into a habit of putting lotion on his face every morning. “oOooOo” he squeals each time, squirming with joy as i put it on. has anyone ever put lotion on his little face before? as adorable as this boy is on the outside… oh!! how much he tests my limits, and does NOT listen to his teachers. but whenever i get angry with him... he gives me this adorable smile, and envelops me in one of the warmest hugs ever. how can i be angry with this tiny boy who was living on the streets just a week ago? whose first instinct is to fight, because that’s how you survive? who does not know respect or rules because he’s never been taught? i can’t. oh, omar . this same rowdy boy has fallen in love with the songs of praise that i have taught the children. when I start singing songs even during break time, he sings along with me, holding my hand, memorizing the words better than most of the other older kids. omar. how did you dig so deep into my heart?”

I was in Bolivia for a month. Within one month, I saw a boy change from an unruly brat to… one who still struggled with anger and sharing and listening, but one that showed me how capable he was of loving, and how much he simply wanted to be loved. When another new boy joined and started to call me “China,” Omar yelled at him, telling him it was rude and that my name was Eunice. He learned all the Christian songs I taught the kids, and sang praises to God on his own.

Omar… I am thankful to say that he is still at Kaya, still growing and learning exponentially. And I pray that those praise songs that he used to sing will forever ring true in his heart… and that he will grow to have a real relationship with his Savior, Jesus Christ as he grows up to be an upright man thanks to the mentors and love that he is able to receive at Kaya.

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